Getting Started

Some tutorials on how to use the CROHM online tool

CROHM Online Overview

A five minute intro to CROHM Online.

Finding low SAP properties

Drilling into the data to find your worst properties.

Find my empty lofts and cavities

Finding properties with specific deficiencies – loft and cavities.

Where are my G rated boilers and old storage heaters?

Finding properties with specific deficiencies – boiler and storage heaters.

Finding high fuel bills in Manchester and Liverpool

Using portfolios to find target properties.

Amending an individual properties data and confidences

Updating and improving the data in a single address.

Individual wizard results for a property

Looking at investment scenarios ‘wizards’ for a single address.

Changing the status of a list of properties e.g. if they are sold.

Updating the status of a property.

Address upload

Adding or removing addresses in bulk.

What are portfolios and how do I use them?

Manually configuring portfolios for your stock.

Setting up a basic minimum SAP wizard

Introduction to setting up a simple investment scenario ‘wizard’.

Targeting high fuel bill properties

Setting up a wizard that targets properties with higher fuel bills.

Setting up a planned works wizard

Using planned works within a wizard.

How do I set up new data sources?

Setting up and changing your data sources.

Bulk data upload

Advanced users can carry out bulk uploads to their data.